Your Care Medical, a virtual care and telemed health and medical expert

Your Care Medical, a virtual care and telemed health and medical expert

Your Care Medical, a virtual care and telemed health and medical expertYour Care Medical, a virtual care and telemed health and medical expertYour Care Medical, a virtual care and telemed health and medical expert

          Your Telemedicine/virtual healthcare at your fingertips!

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Welcome to Virtual Visits

Available in Arizona only at this time

To Learn more, please click the link to take you to our virtual visit page and start your visit today with Dr. Nima Azarbehi.

Our Provider

Dr. Nima Azarbehi, DO

Dr. Nima Azarbehi is board certified family practice physician.  He is boarded with ABFM since 2013. He graduated from Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine, California in 2010, and completed his residency at the University of Wyoming Family Practice Residency Program in 2013.


Dr. Azarbehi has been practicing in a rural based community health center for the past 6 years, with full scope experience.  This includes chronic complicated conditions, urgent and emergency care, hospital medicine, dermatology, gastroenterology with endoscopy, rheumatology, pediatrics, newborn and obstetrics, aesthetics, office procedures, allergy management and treatment, cardiopulmonary management and intensive care management in hospital setting.

His overall experience and abilities are greater than a typical office primary care physician. 

What We Treat

Common illness

Skin Conditions

Skin Conditions


Coughs, colds, sinus infections, sore throat, ear pain, urinary tract infections, fever, pink eye.

Skin Conditions

Skin Conditions

Skin Conditions


Rashes, skin infections, minor cuts and scrapes, concerning skin lesions, poison oak/ivy and appropriate testing can be ordered if needed.


Skin Conditions

Medical Advice


Testing, diagnosis and management of the common and other unique allergies, as well as counseling on methods to improve allergies.

Medical Advice

Low Introductory Cost: $40

Medical Advice


Need to talk to a doctor about your conditions to better understand them?  Someone who can listen and explain what's happening, discuss your labs or other diagnostics to better understand them, etc. 

GI Conditions

Low Introductory Cost: $40

Low Introductory Cost: $40


Nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, stomach pain.

Low Introductory Cost: $40

Low Introductory Cost: $40

Low Introductory Cost: $40


Telemedicine services: $40 is all you will pay for our services.  This does not include testing ordered or medications prescribed which will be billed to you or your insurance by the agency providing the services, such as lab corp, quest labs, imaging centers and pharmacies.



After Hours Services

Acute and Urgent Needs

Acute and Urgent Needs

We know that your medical needs don't stop when office hours are over. Using your personal hand held device, tablet or computer, you can get basic acute and chronic medical care from anywhere in Arizona in the early morning, late evening and weekend hours.  Please see our hours under the CONTACT US section where you can also Register and Schedule your doctor's visit. 


Acute and Urgent Needs

Acute and Urgent Needs

Acute and Urgent Needs

Our team will support you in your acute or urgent care type needs when you need it. We will be able to evaluate and diagnose many common problems like: illnesses, rashes, allergies, urinary tract infections, certain injuries and other complaints over the virtual platform for your convenience and offer appropriate treatments.  See above for more details.  If  needed, we can also order lab tests and x-rays for further in-depth evaluations. Telemedicine health and medical provider.


Chronic Health Needs

Acute and Urgent Needs

Chronic Health Needs

COMING SOON: In conjunction with your office visit to establish and manage chronic care, you can also take advantage of follow up visit on the virtual platform from your device from anywhere for ease of future appropriate medical care.  This will allow for ease of managing your medical needs and to keep you as healthy as possible.  

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Conditions treated on Virtual Acute/Urgent Care visits


Pink eye

Poison oak/poison ivy

Runny nose

Skin rashes

Smoking cessation

Sore throat


Urinary tract infection



Back pain






Insect bites

Minor cuts/scrapes/burns

***LIMITATIONS OF TELEMEDICINE:  Please be aware that the evaluations, diagnoses, and treatments are being done over the video visit and some of these conditions may need in person visits at a clinic for better evaluation and physical exam.  


WE ARE NOW ACCEPTING MEDICARE AND MEDICAID INSURANCE, BCBC, CIGNA, UNITED HEALTHCARE, and other insurance services will be accepted very soon.  Remember the most you will ever pay is $40, which is cheaper than most co-pays and is eligible for reimbursement by your insurance if you choose not to use your insurance for the services.